IUX Markets gains more spotlights by using product reviews

IUX Markets gains more spotlights by using product reviews

IUX Markets gains more spotlights by using product reviews

IUX Markets is an international leading provider and innovator of online CFDs trading and investment services all over the world. IUX Markets joined TrustFinance a few months ago, so we worked closely with IUXMarkets to understand their business goals, brand values, and customer needs. Based on these requirements, TrustFinance developed a custom solution that allowed IUXMarkets to display customer reviews on their website. The solution was tailored to IUXMarkets’ requirements and integrated seamlessly into their website, providing customers with valuable insights into the quality of IUXMarkets’ products and services.

IUX Markets uses TrustFinance to collect and learn customers’ experience, and create a good relationship with their customers, and as that, IUX gains more attention from the public eyes and the conversion increases continuously.  

We care for every step of our customers as IUX Markets cares. TrustFinance and IUX Markets usually discuss to find the best things for customers.

IUX Markets gains more spotlights by using product reviews

Product reviews can definitely help company attract visitor up to more than 100k a month

As we have a classified star system, IUX Markets can easily check the satisfaction of their customers, and understand the customers’ situation. They can solve the issue in time, so most of their customers use TrustFinance to contact IUX Markets and to spread awareness of the company. 

By displaying consumer evaluations on its website, IUXMarkets was able to increase sales by up to 35%. The solution provided by TrustFinance assisted IUX Markets in establishing trust and credibility with their consumers, resulting in increased customer engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, the evaluations provided IUXMarkets with valuable feedback on their products and services, enabling them to enhance their offerings and increase consumer loyalty.

Better to have 1 star ratings than have nothing

If you got ratings, you would have real customers. Moreover, The customers can clarify what is happening to the company that the company might not notice. 

The customers can read and analyze the reason why other customers give the company only 1 star, and decide to use or not use. However, if they found that  the company has zero ratings, they would think that the company is more like a scammer. 

TrustFinance support IUX Markets with improving service 

TrustFinance provided innovative features to help IUX Markets connect and understand their customers. IUX Markets improves their service by using the 1 star ratings as a statement. 

Feedback from real customers is very important to the company and other customers. In conclusion, TrustFinance’s relationship with IUXMarkets shows how companies can improve the customer experience as a whole by working with experts from other fields. The relationship led to more sales, happy customers, and loyal customers for IUXMarkets, while TrustFinance was able to use their experience to create a solution that fit IUXMarkets’ objectives.