If you are an investor, it’s a must to know TrustFinance.

If you are an investor, it’s a must to know TrustFinance.

Choosing investments with financial institutions is a risk that investors have to bear. Consumers lost almost 5 billion dollars in scams last year as the number of reported scams to law enforcement agencies increased 90% to more than 266 million reports. When it comes to finance, trust and reliability are the essential ingredients for successful investment. It is very important for investors in choosing a reliable financial company. Located in Singapore, Trustfinance is a financial review platform with more than 50,000 financial institutions around the world. We are your financial advisor providing accurate and up-to-date information on different financial products. No matter if you are a beginner or professional investor, you can make smarter decisions and choices and lower the rate of falling victim to online scams.

TrustFinance has the vision to build trustworthy financial companies. We are a digital platform bringing businesses together to build trust and inspire collaboration. We are open to everyone and built on transparency for businesses and consumers.

TrustFinance provides reviews to help clients with investing and financial confidence. Moreover, we also provide comprehensive insights to help businesses improve the experience they offer. The more users use our platform and share their opinions and experiences, the more insights we can offer to businesses, and the better. Additionally, the chances of gaining the trust of users from all over the world will also be greater. TrustFinance is neutral between users and the company. We are not taking sides with both users and companies to provide a reliable platform for disclosure and auditing.

How TrustFinance Works?

1.    The Accuracy of Information

The accuracy of information is when their own companies request or confirm the information with us, Those data will be updated and confirmed as correct information. Users can trust the information that has been verified by us.

2.    Disclosure of Negative Reviews

According to our company’s policies, we cannot block any reviews, even if they are harmful to those companies. Because we commit to the neutrality principle, we must share such information.

3.    Protecting from Fake Reviews

With our system, we screen for fake reviews. As a result, there will be no reviews that suggest fraud for either party’s gain.

4.    Neutral for Users and Companies

TrustFinance is neutral between users and companies. We do not take sides with both users and the Company to be a reliable platform for information disclosure and reviews.

We bring Investors and financial companies together to make things better.TrustFinance hosts reviews to help financial companies with confidence, and deliver the deepest insights to help companies improve the experiences they offer. Many investors use our platform and share their own opinions, the deepest insights we offer companies, and the more opportunities they have to earn the trust of investors from all around the world.